Automatically redirect users of your site after login

This plugin automatically redirects the users of your Joomla site to a specific menu item or a freely selectable URL after logging into the frontend. You can set up individual forwarding for specific user groups or individual users (pro version only). This plugin is useful if you want to give specific users direct access to a page without them having to click through the menu first. The plugin is quickly installed and the relevant users and redirects are set up with just a few clicks.
Quick User Redirect Plugin

Features of Quick User Redirect


Automatic forwarding

When activated, the plugin redirects Joomla! automatically redirects users after login into the frontend.

Menu item or link

Users can be redirected to a menu item (page) or to an individual URL.

Forwarding for groups or users

You can specify in the plugin whether users of a specific user group or individual users (pro version only) will be forwarded.


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  • qxio-checkmarkUpdates of the free version
  • qxio-checkmarkLimited support
  • qxio-checkmarkAccess to all free Joomla! extensions on this site

Pro Version

19 /year

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Free or pro version?

Choose the right version of the Quick User Redirect plugin for your individual purposes.

The Pro version offers you all functions, updates and premium support for a whole year.

The free version is particularly suitable for testing the plugin.

Do you have questions about the different versions? Contact me:

Compare Free to Pro Version

Free Version Pro Version
Redirect for
User groups
single Users
Redirect to
Menu item
individual link
Redirect on login failure
Set up unlimited redirects (limited to 3)
Premium support

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the advantages of Quick User Redirect
    As you know, in Joomla itself you can only set up a general forwarding for users after login. In this way, all users who log in to your site in the frontend are redirected to the same page (e.g. to the profile). With Quick User Redirect you can easily forward user groups or individual users to a menu item / page or a link that can be created individually. This gives you full control over the redirects and you can specify where the individual users or user groups should be directed to. This makes sense, for example, if you have different user groups (free / paid) that you want to forward to different start pages.
  • Can I continue to use the plugin after one year?


Pro Version

1.1.1 - Saturday, 20/01/2024
  • qxio-bugFix: Adaptation of the language files for the latest Joomla! versions
1.1.0 - Monday, 20/02/2023
  • qxio-plus-circledAdded: Set up redirect on login failure
  • qxio-bugFix: Error in description
  • qxio-android-checkmark-circleLanguage files updated
1.0.0 - Wednesday, 25/01/2023
  • qxio-starInitial Version

Free Version

1.0.1 - Saturday, 20/01/2024
  • qxio-bugFix: Adaptation of the language files for the latest Joomla! versions
1.0.0 - Sunday, 22/01/2023
  • qxio-starInitial Version